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SESD Request For Proposals - RFP BIDS

Current RFP's open to bidders


RFP: Material Supply & Warehousing Alliance Agreement

General Information: SESD is seeking partner vendor for the purpose of supplying electrical distribution, transmission, metering, broadband and other associated materials; provide warehousing, inventory management, and related services to help minimize lead times, improve product availability and reduce costs.

Opens; January 1st

Closes: January 31st

Please see the full RFP by clicking on the pdf link below. 

South Utah Valley Electric Service District Material & Warehousing Alliance RFP.pdf



RFP: West Mountain Broadband Grant Project - Phase 1 - Construction

General Information: SESD is seeking qualified contractors for construction of WM Broadband Project - Phase 1; a multi-purpose Fiber Optics Broadband network system to be constructed utiliziing the District's existing electrical facilities, poles, conduits, where applicable, and installing new aerial & underground conduits, fiber optics cabling, and associated facilities.

 Opens: TBD - NOT OPEN 

Closes: TBD