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Service Areas & Voting Precincts (Districts)

SESD service area consists of more than 120 square miles in south Utah County:   

  • Service area: 120+ square miles in South Utah County; 7 service areas (incl. Elk Ridge and Woodland Hills cities)
  • SESD serves in many rural and agricultural areas & communities such as: Palmyra, Lake Shore, Spring Lake, and West Mountain.
  • Many of our lines go to and through surrounding cities
  • SESD serves exclusively to the municipalities of: Elk Ridge City & Woodland Hills City
  • SESD serves mutually to the municipalities of: Mapleton,  Spanish Fork, Payson, Salem, and Santaquin
  • SESD also serves in the mountains (Covered Bridge, Payson Canyon, Spanish Fork Canyon, Loafer Canyon)
  • SESD provides power to many City & County facilities, including Gladstan Golf Course, Water tanks & pumps for the Cities of Spanish Fork, Payson, Salem, Elk Ridge & Woodland Hills. 


Use our interactive map to find out where you live within the District. Use the address search bar and type in your address. After using the search box to find an address, please verify that the map found the correct location for the address you searched. Street names and noticeable landmarks on the map will help you know if the correct address was found.

SESD Interactive Map


Service Area
SESD service area boundary 1985

Voting Precincts (Districts) : click on shaded areas for additional information

SESD District Map 2021.tif
Voting Precincts (Districts) with elected representatives
May contain: plot and diagram
Strawberry Valley Project 



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