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Municipal Annexation Electric Service Transfer Application

This application must be submitted by the City requesting transfer of electric service


This Application must contain the following: • AutoCAD (dwg) format Drawings of the Annexation Area • - or - GIS Shape (.shp) files of the Annexation Area • List of all owners of real property in the Annexation Area • List of residential, commercial, industrial addresses within Annexation Area as of the Application Date • List of customers receiving electric service from the Applicant as of the Application Date • List of electric utilities maintaining easements, rights of way, or facilities within the Annexation Area.

The Annexation drawing files must: : • Identify all rights of way and easements controlled or recorded by the applicant in the Annexation Area as of the Annexation Date • Identify all existing public rights of way, public easements, utility easements, and locations of utility infrastructure including water, sewer, gas, and telecommunications facilities • Identify all electrical poles, meters, wires, transformers, junction boxes or other electrical utility facilities located within and adjacent to the annexation parcels. • Annexation Boundary • Parcel serial numbers • Owners names

Application/Evaluation Payment. The Applicant agrees to pay the SESD’s actual costs of processing the Application, including but not limited to engineering, administrative, and site inspection costs SESD incurs in evaluating the Application.

Additional Payment. In the event that SESD’s estimated costs exceed the Application Payment submitted with the Application, SESD shall provide written notice to the Applicant and Applicant shall be responsible for the cost of additional work performed.

Refund. After SESD processes the application and completes its assessment, SESD shall provide an invoice to the Applicant of actual costs incurred to prepare the evaluation and refund the amount of any payment made by the applicant in excess of actual costs.

Scope of SESD Application Assessment. SESD shall use commercially reasonable efforts to complete its Application Assessment within ninety (90) days of receiving a completed application and any additional information requested by SESD. SESD’s Assessment is not intended to provide a final inventory of facilities to be transferred or relocated in an Annexation Area.
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