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Encroachment Application - SF 399 A

Encroachment application and an encroachment agreement are required when working near, around, under, District powelines and facilities, or within District rights-of-way or easements. 

Enroachment agreements are intended to ensure public safety, to protect the District facilities & employees. 

There is a $2,000.00 application fee due with the application. (additional encroachment fees if applicable, will be noted on agreement and must be paid prior to approval of the agreement).

  1.  Once an application (SF-399 A) is submitted, the District will respond noting the received application & requesting the application fee. 
  2. The District will review the application and either request additional information or accept the application for final review.
  3. If the information is complete & the application is accepted, the District will send an encroachment agreement (Form SF-399 B), along with any associated additonal encroachment fees, conditions, back to applicant.
  4. Applicant must sign and return with any fees due. Fees must be paid prior to approval of the encroachment agreement. 
  5. Once the applicant has signed the agreement & fees are received, SESD will sign and return an approved copy to the applicant.


SF-399 A Submission Form

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