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New Construction  

The following is a general guideline & work flow process when applying for electric service with SESD.

  1. Submit a completed application online for your particular request.
  2. Call SESD to pay for the applicable application fee
  3. Receive a written project cost estimate & electrical design plan from SESD's Electrical Planner (14-60 days depending on type of application)
  4. Pay project construction costs
  5. After project construction costs are paid, SESD will begin procurement process for any necessary materials
  6. Complete a mandatory pre-construction meeting with SESD (subdivisions, line extensions, commercial services)
  7. Complete all necessary Pre-construction requirements, which include, but is not limited to: Permitting, Easements, Project staking or curb & gutter for certain applications, Site access
  8. Dig trenches according to electrical plans, staking, curb & gutter offsets, and/or SESD's guidelines
  9. Electrical contractor to install certain electrical system facilities, conduits, wire, junction boxes as specified by SESD for the project.
  10. Installation must meet all SESD's construction standards and pass all inspections.SESD inspector will inspect all electrical facilities prior to being sanded and backfilled. Call our office to schedule an inspection.SESD inspector will inspect all junction boxes, pad, vaults, ground sleeves prior to installing wire, transformers, switchgear, meters, etc.
  11. Once all necessary electrical facilities are installed and have passed any SESD, City, County, or other authority having jurisdiction, inspections, SESD will begin the applicable electrical installation (connection, wire install, poles, meter-set) process, in order to energize the facilities for final service.