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SESD Gives Back

SESD: Proud to Support the Power of Community

South Utah Valley Electric District, or SESD, may not be a household name to some Utah locals, but our charitable efforts might be a little more well-known. That’s because we believe that, as  south Utah County’s Public Power provider for the past 111 years, we have a big role to play in our community.

While we are dedicated to providing residents of  south Utah County with affordable, reliable energy to power their homes and businesses, we are just as dedicated to supporting those around us. That’s why we make it a priority to arrange events, giveaways, and donations for the people and organizations making our community a little brighter.


Giving Back to Veterans

We are proud of the veterans living in our service area, and have been honored to serve them just as they have served all Americans. This year we will be sponsoring an Honor Flight! We invite all of our customers to nominate a veteran to travel to our nation’s capital. While in Washington D.C., our veterans will be given the opportunity to visit memorials honoring their service and sacrifice.

In November 2018, we conducted a Cell Phones for Soldiers drive, where phones and cash were sent to service organizations who provide free calling cards and phones to military personnel and families. This drive enabled soldiers to easily contact their families while away on deployment. Save your old cell phones; we will be doing another Cell Phone for Soldiers drive during the month of May to celebrate Memorial Day!

SESD also provides power to the Central Utah Veterans home, where we sponsor an upgraded room for veterans and offer special service rates on power. We have had a Veteran's Thanksgiving Dinner, and every Veterans Month, our War of the Week social media spotlight highlights veterans’ sacrifices and bravery in every war and conflict.


Aiding Utah’s Firefighters

Unfortunately, fires are common in Southern Utah County. When fire-related emergencies arise, SESD is proud to lend firefighters a helping hand. During the fires of 2018, SESD workers cut brush around poles powering water wells, preventing them from being destroyed by fire and ensuring that water was available to extinguish the flames. If SESD had not reached these power lines, up to 30 homes may have been destroyed.

SESD made sure the fire department had what it needed, providing equipment and gas access at no cost. Following the fires, we extended payment due dates by 90 days, giving customers affected by the evacuations time to get settled at home, back into their work routines, and maintain their budgets, despite the emergencies, without having to worry about late fees or disconnection.


Assisting Local School Districts

SESD also supports the community when there are thankfully no emergencies. At Spring Lake Elementary, we funded a marquee in honor of respected board member Dick Saunders after he passed away. We also sponsored a teen night at the Payson City Library, organizing a raffle with prizes for lucky local teens.


Protecting Southern Utah’s Animals

Southern Utah is blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery and nature in the country — but our local area can sometimes be challenging. For example, many birds are killed by power lines each year (especially ospreys), but eagles, hawks, and even mountain lions can also be electrocuted by lines.

SESD is always seeking ways to better care for the area’s wild animals. When a local Boy Scout thought of an Eagle Scout project to help birds safely nest on power lines, SESD knew he would need help. SESD also supports the Boy Scouts of America through contributions of labor and discounted materials; helping to keep Camp Maple Dell running smoothly and very well-lit!    


Supporting Local Communities

City celebrations are a high point of SESD’s calendar each year, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to provide power and sponsorship for Lakeshore’s Homecoming, Elk Ridge’s City Celebration, Woodland Hills Days, and Santaquin City Orchard Days.

To help our local communities save power and handle electricity safely, we stage Public Power Day events. SESD also plays an important role in the Payson Santaquin Chamber of Commerce, American Public Power Association, and Utah Rural Electric Co-Op Association. We’re also a Smart Energy Rebate Program participant.

Over the years, SESD has quietly provided south Utah county with reliable power at fair prices. Although we’re reluctant to shout about our community contributions, it’s all worth it knowing that we have helped to strengthen our communities and provided a higher quality of life for our customers, our neighbors — for all of us who choose to call south Utah County home.

We’re excited to see what new charitable opportunities the future brings.