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New Construction- Residential Subdivision

May contain: scoreboard

Fill out this application if you are requesting electrical service to a residential subdivision in a City or in the County

Electric service to subdivisions can be very complex, with many variables and factors. Easements, rights-of-way, other utilities, permits, offsite facilities are all variables on each application. Please allow for time to design the electrical service as part of your overall subdivision process.

The application & design process may take up to 60 days or even longer if easements are required.

Subdivision plats must depict all existing electrical facilities & easements within, & adjacent to the subdivision parcel(s)

The application will be rejected if existing electrical facilities & easements are not depicted on the plat map and CAD Drawings

There is a $100 per lot application fee due with this application. Please call our office after submitting this application @ 801-465-8020 to pay with credit card, or visit our office location.

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