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Budget Billing Service

Plan Ahead for Your Power Bills

Take the Shock out of Payments — Try Our Budget Billing Service.

With Budget Billing, you’ll pay the same amount each month, based upon your average monthly or annual usage.

Electricity bills are a fact of life but if you could benefit from knowing in advance what your payments will be, SESD has just the program for you.

Budget Billing lets you easily and conveniently budget for your bills by keeping prices consistent month-to-month — no peaks, valleys or nasty surprises.

Budget Billing calculates an average of your past 12-months’ payments, and that figure is the amount you will subsequently pay each month. Each year, your power usage is compared to the initial estimate and any difference is billed or credited.

This arrangement does not provide discounts on your rates, but it does provide a way for you to stay in control of your payments. As an extra courtesy, SESD can adjust your payments mid-year so that you don’t find yourself with a big bill at the end of the year.

In order to qualify for the Budget Billing, your account must have a zero balance when you apply.

Budget Billing is just another way SESD does everything in its power to take the sting out of electricity bills.
Click here to set up your Budget Billing Agreement.